Why do I need a maintenance plan?

I thought WordPress was suppose to be easy.

Running a WordPress website  requires a certain dedication and attention to detail. It requires constant attention. The main reason WordPress websites get hacked is because the WordPress core, themes and plugins are not kept up-to-date. However, doing this necessary upkeep is time consuming as is easily forgotten until it’s too late.

You see, WordPress is open-source software. It has several major updates each year as well as numerous security and minor updates. Every time WordPress is updated it reveals weaknesses in previous versions. The same holds true for themes and plugins. For a moderate sized site that may mean hundreds of updates each year.

Instead of adding more critical and time consuming tasks to your overfilled plate, let ap3 WordPress Maintenance handle the tasks for you.

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What’s Included?

Daily Backups

Daily backups are critical to the health of your site. If something goes wrong and your site goes down due to a WordPress error or a plugin or theme issue, the quickest way to be back online is to restore your site from a backup.

Cloud Backup Storage

Cloud storage for your backups. Storing your backups on your website won’t do much good if your site has been hacked or is otherwise unavailable. Your backups need to be stored in a secure offsite cloud location.

Weekly Updates

Weekly updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins. This is the most important part of any WordPress security plan. Everything needs to be kept u-to-date. We do this weekly for you.

Minor Edits

Minor edits to your content. We can help keep your content fresh, current and up-to-date. These edits include edits to content, plugin settings and minor CSS changes. Not included is custom development such as PHP, plugins, themes, etc. Also not included is graphic design, writing or updating custom code, building a new website or subdomain.

Uptime Monitoring

Proactive uptime monitoring. Often the first indication that there is a problem is that your site is temporarily unavailable. Sometimes this is normal. For instance, when updates are taking place your site will go into temporary Maintenance Mode. We monitor your site for the times when being offline is not normal or expected.

Add Ons

Advanced Security

Increase your website security with a Web Application Firewall. Stop automated attacks; monitor for suspicious activity; scan for vulnerable plugins and themes to apply updates; block bad bots and reduce spam.



Site Cleaning

Has your site been hacked. Our security experts will scan and review your site and remove any malware from the site. They will also identify what files were hacked and suggest improvements to prevent further infection. Also included is 1 year of continuing protection so you are covered if hacked again.



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