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Albert Padley brings a personal one on one approach to every client.


Albert Padley

Albert Padley

Founded in 1999, ap3 Web Development is owned by Albert Padley, a pioneer in the use of computers in the courtroom and as a mass communications medium.

I was first introduced to the world of computer programming in 1970 when my high school in conjunction with CalTech installed it’s first computer. The machine was huge by modern standards and was housed in a portable trailer with lots of air conditioning. While I don’t remember the model of the computer, I do recall learning Fortran and using punch cards.

Alas, my college pursuits led me in a direction away from computer science. Instead, I became a litigation attorney in Los Angeles. However, my interest in computers never wained. In the late 1970’s I started toying with an Apple II and by the time the Macintosh was introduced in 1984 I knew that the practice of law would never be the same. Shortly thereafter, I started introducing computers into our Los Angeles office and we became one of the first computerized law offices in the nation.

We were early adopters of both the Westlaw and Lexis/Nexis online legal research systems.

I wasn’t satisfied to just have computer work stations on everyone’s desk. So I became one of the first lawyers in the country to use a computer in a courtroom during a trial. With the help of an associate, we used the computer to quickly find deposition testimony through the use of keyword searching. While this sounds mundane today, it was innovative at the time. We also used a computer hooked up to a large format printer to prepare exhibits as needed. Of course, the computer and printer resided in the hallway, not in the actual courtroom.

Based on our experience, we were often approached by companies to beta test new software products. This was long before the concept of public beta testing came about.

Everything changed again in 1993 with the introduction of the Mosaic web browser. Suddenly there was a new way to communicate. I wrote my first web page in 1995 and haven’t stopped since.

In 1999 I retired from law and began full time web development. A lot has changed in the intervening years. The web changes quickly with new technologies being introduced all the time. Some catch on and others fall by the way side. Technologies like PHP and MySQL are now well established. Javascript libraries such as jQuery, Node and Angular are undergoing rapid development and enjoying widespread use. Other technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 are now pretty standard.

Not every technology is right for every project. My long term experience in this industry has proven invaluable to my clients in helping them pick an appropriate technology for the job. More and more that has tended to be WordPress. In addition, my legal background helps guide my clients through the potential pitfals of software licensing agreements, patents and copyrights.

A Real Technical Talent

"I've worked in IT for over 25 years, and Albert Padley is the kind of professional you encounter only once every few years. He has strong technical depth at both the detail and big picture level, yet has outstanding interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills. Every deliverable, from his initial quote, through the website development and integration, through to my final, unanticipated changes, was turned around with surprising speed, and solid quality. At the same time, his communication in the form of updates, great advice, and clarification questions kept up with the speed of his work, and I never wondered or worried where we were at with our business site project.

Additionally, our company had a big trade show we were hoping to complete the project ahead of, and although the timeline was not very reasonable, Albert had us in position with two days to spare, which made us look great to the customer base at the trade show. I found Albert honest and straightforward, charged fairly, and the total bill matched his initial bid precisely. We were thrilled at the speed, quality, communication, advice, and overall service that Albert provided - so much in fact, that we have entered a long-term service agreement with AP3 with confidence and knowing we have the right provider for our small business. If you are looking for quality work with top service and speed from a real technical talent, we recommend his work without reservation of any kind." Brett L., Boise, ID

Brett L.

Incredible Resource

“Mr. Padley has been incredible resource for our organization. He has been hosting our site for more than 15 years. He designed our website and updated it when new technology was brought to market. Our website, is very functional and with his aid, we have design interactive forms to help with our operations. I could not recommend a better company to develop your website.” Marco Q., La Cañada, CA

Marco Q.

A Real Professional

“I have worked with ap3 Web Development for the last 6 years. Albert Padley has always been a real professional, and has been a great help in the development of our B-2-B web portal. I will continue to use the services of ap3 in the future.” Peter B., Boise, ID

Peter B.

Extraordinarily Responsive

"Al has been managing our website for several years. He is extraordinarily responsive and his vast knowledge is superior. Al is a professional through and through and we have appreciated his problem solving expertise around complicated issues. I highly recommend Al as an excellent provider of services." Monica C., San Gabriel, CA

Monica C