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WordPress Upgrade to 3.6

The latest version of WordPress was finally released late last week. Did you upgrade yet? That news is usually coupled with the sounds of joy and excitement as the users of WordPress get to try out the new features while knowing that their installations are secure. However, there are two other groups who don’t generally get exited by this news.

The first group greets the news with a groan. For this group it means a trip to the WordPress Dashboard, a place they rarely tread, in order to perform the upgrade. Although updating to the latest version of WordPress is pretty easy, it is a chore for some.

The second group greets the news with silence, since the members of this group really don’t care and couldn’t be bothered.

ap3 Web Development clients really don’t have to worry. We automatically upgrade their WordPress installations for them free of charge. All ap3 Web Development clients woke up Monday morning to the latest and greatest WordPress.

We hope you like the service. Let us know if there are any issues with your site since upgrades sometimes break older plugins that are no longer being maintained.

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